Diversity Discussion Group Report

Meeting Details This group meets the second Friday of the month thoughout the year, from 8:30 to 10:00a.m. Lila has facilitated this group for 15 years! The meetings are free and open to the public. Location:  The NATURE CONSERVANCY.  The name of the building is River Parkway Place. 1101 West River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55415. […]

The Hidden Face of Discrimination for Diverse Internet Applicants

As advances in technology continue, organizations are using a variety of electronic recruitment tools to assist with their diversity hiring efforts. Electronic job boards, online social networks, as well as several different versions of applicant tracking systems are widely used across the country. Employers striving for diverse and inclusive recruitment practices continue to struggle with […]

What Is Diversity?

When I mentioned the word diversity over 15 years ago, most people said, “What’s that?” Now we hear the word a lot, so much so that in one organization it had taken on a negative connotation and was referred to as “the ‘D’ word.” In the college course that I taught, titled Managing a Diverse […]

Should White Male Employees Be Allowed to Form an Employee Network Group?

For a case study in my Managing a Diverse Workforce course, I had my students respond to a managerial dilemma by asking them this question, “What to do when a group of employees request to form a white male support network group.” Their responses intrigued me. Here are some of them. “If management allows the […]

Challenges in Recruiting and Hiring Diverse Employees

To remain competitive in today’s market, it is important to make an effort to attract, hire and retain qualified diverse employees. Unfortunately, organizations sometimes lose qualified job applicants in the process. This can happen because of two reasons. One, the applicant’s potential for the job is underestimated, and the applicant is screened out. Perhaps this […]

Diversity in the Job Interview Process—The First Impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In my last 15 years of teaching interviewing techniques, I’ve used this phrase often with people in job transition. After conducting research on diversity in the job interview process, where I interviewed over 70 people of diverse backgrounds about their job interviewing experiences with […]

Cultural and Religious Occasions of Significance

Included in this document of cultural occasions are explanatory comments about this document, a “Did You Know” list of cultural occasions and explanations of the significance of the occasions. Here is a list, compiled by Ouida Crozier, of the many occasions of significance of varying cultural and religious backgrounds, and explanations in alphabetical order of the significance […]

Diversity During the Holidays—What Are Your Organization’s Winter Traditions?

Many organizations have been exploring different options to celebrate the holidays in a more inclusive way. The goal is to create a welcoming and respectful work environment that includes the diversity of all their employees and the people they serve (customers/students/patients/community members). During the months of November, December, and January there are many important religious […]

Jazz: America’s Original Diversity Success Story

By Jeff Perry Long before the Civil Rights Act, long before Brown vs. The Board of Education, and long before President Truman’s integration of the armed forces, black and white jazz musicians where breaking social taboos in order to share and learn from each other. In the 1920s white musicians in Chicago would head down […]